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The Hidden Truths About “Wolf Hunt”

An article by Franco Tassi , author of Lupus in Fabula

While the “macabre dance” that is leading to the disintegration of our National Parks rages relentlessly, now the attack on Nature hits its most authentic symbol, declaring war on the Wolf. The same Italy that, half a century ago, had amazed the world by saving the predator thanks to Operation San Francesco, betrays it today by starting the killing. And on what pretexts? No valid reason, but only a heap of prevention, superficiality, disinformation and ignorance, such as to be really scary.
In fact, politics wants to feed the clienteles an imaginary enemy, to make them forget their sins, and proceeds undeterred with the help of the “usual accomplices”: barons, techno-bureaucracies, businessmen and shooters. The enemy is him, the “big bad wolf”, as in the fairy tales of Little Red Riding Hood and the three little pigs.
But no one wonders if the damage attributed to the Wolf is not largely the work of the million stray, wandering and feral dogs that roam the countryside? Or perhaps he pretends not to understand that, if he goes to the bottom, he will discover that in most cases even the alleged wolves were actually only hybrids? How can we forget that in the Northern Apennines there are bands of large, voracious and uncontrolled breeding dogs? Is it all the fault of nature and of the wolf, or of man himself?
The political response always finds a convenient alibi in the opinion of complacent teachers, but is careful not to listen to the repeated appeals of the Lupo Italia Group. It relies on the National Plan of Action (read the slaughter) of the Wolf, and as many as 70 “experts”. But don’t you realize that the same characters reign among them who have always exploited the predator as a useful Lupomat (= Bancomat) to suck up European funds? And does he not know that it will then be up to them the privilege of establishing, obviously for a fee, where, when and which wolves to kill?
In truth, the fairy tale that conflicts with the Wolf can be resolved or mitigated by rifle shots (thanks to benefactor shooters?) No longer enchants anyone. It has been disproved, refuted and ridiculed around the world by true independent and disinterested experts, with an avalanche of articles, studies and works. The coexistence of pastoralism and farms with large predators is a complex problem, but not impossible to solve with bloodless methods: fences, bollards, and above all well-trained Abruzzese herd dogs. Because, as everyone knows, the packs of wolves kept away from domestic animals, and left quiet in natural environments, are also the only effective force to counteract the excessive invasion of wild boars. These yes, a real catastrophic plague: not biblical, but as always caused by man.
To put it in the words of the WWF International, it would be absurd to believe that the phenomenon can be tackled by firing “a bullet in the dark”, because, as has been amply demonstrated, this method would not solve anything, would increase the damage and would favor poaching. While, as the scholar Gabor von Bethlenfalvy states in Switzerland, “the best strategy in a region where there are wolves is to protect the flock, and to ensure the stable structure of the pack”. Without violating the laws, and above all without compromising the ecological balance. But even without attracting the strongest international discredit.
This is why it cannot be denied that the current political system in Italy, clinging to misunderstandings of a “scientific” nature, risks being, in the final analysis, the worst ever encountered for errors, failures and free attacks on Fauna, Biodiversity, to Ecology, Parks and Nature.

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