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Thormae 1 – The Song of the Sun


Thormae 1 – The Song of the Sun

Author | William Riverlake

Translator | Giulia Scarpa

Initiatic Fantasy Novel

pages | 464

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Thormae 1 – The Song of the Sun

Author | William Riverlake

Translator | Giulia Scarpa

A Fantasy – Initiatic novel, which tells the epic events of the planet Thormäe, where two garmïn, a wizard, an elf, a dwarf and the mythical firfurs, will have to try to understand what dark threat is falling on their planet.
The search for a kidnapped child, whose birth had been announced by the Angels and the stars, the discovery of mysterious peoples whose existence no one remembered anymore, and an adventurous journey that becomes above all a journey of the soul. All this makes Thormae a captivating, profound novel, rich in adventures and emotions, which pleasantly involves the reader in a surprising inner journey, where the characters give life to an epic and legendary tale. William Riverlake’s generous pen allows the reader to immerse himself in the adventures of Thormäe, to enter a new dimension, where the senses awaken to new experiences.

“This story began when I was just a boy, destined to live like all the other young people in my village. But fate decided differently for me, setting me on the trail of Garon, in search of the child announced by the Angels and the stars … ”

“It is time to take the pen to tell you about my journey, my battles, my pursuits and my encounters, to describe the visible and invisible face of our world. And perhaps all of this will allow me to understand what really happened, because I must admit that even today this adventure is beyond my ability to understand. ”

William Riverlake | Jurist and political consultant, always interested in Fantasy and Spirituality, he offers his readers his great passion: a novel of inner adventure.


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