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The Secret Book of Jordan Viach – Daniele Garella


The first Italian historical novel that speaks of the Cathars, their daily life, their rituals, their Creed.

Compelling, exciting, rich in content, a perfect historical fresco of the medieval age.

page 381


The first historical novel at the time of the Cathars !!

Jordan Viach’s Secret Book is a compelling and thrilling tale. In the thirteenth century the Papacy and the Kingdom of France decided to annihilate the Church of the Cathars and take possession of the rich and fertile Occitan lands. To this end, they organize two crusades in Christian lands.

Jordan Viach, a medieval Siddhartha, protagonist of The Secret Book, witnesses this complex and little known historical period. As little known is the heresy of the Cathars. The Gnostic Christian Cathars who believed in reincarnation were vegetarians, nonviolent and open to the female priesthood; a heresy that had thousands of followers throughout Europe.
Jordan Viach’s Secret Book is a fascinating and precise historical fresco, which we can define as “cathartic” and “initiatory”, where sacred rituals and battles, encounters and discoveries alternate in a compelling and touching plot that involves and excites the reader. The Secret Book is neither a fantasy novel nor a thriller, but it is a novel of content, and as such it can also be defined as a therapeutic novel.

Daniele Garella , an established composer, pianist and writer, is an eclectic Florentine artist who combines his love for the Arts with a solid psychological, spiritual and esoteric preparation. His music, featured in more than sixty compact discs, is distributed and appreciated all over the world; his writings have received recognition in various literary awards. Appreciated scholar of the history of the Cathar heresy, he was a member of the Center d’Étude Cathares in Carcassonne.


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