Basta Tagliare e Bruciare – di Franco e Margherita Tassi

In the face of the ongoing massacre of the tree stock, and the dastardly slaughter of forests without validjustifications, Spring 2022 is registering comforting signs in Italy of the awakening of the People.Trees and Forests Basta Tagliare e Bruciare!

A first strong shock comes from Florence, where on Saturday, May 28, a crowd of activistsexpressed their strong dissent in front of the Tuscany Region building, displaying Banners and posters in defense of Nature. No wonder the protest starts right here, since Tuscany , still captive to a short-range productivist view of the forest heritage, deserves undoubtedly the title of “Enemy Region of the Green Mantle of the Planet.”.

Against Biomass Power Plants are devouring our forests took sides with the Earth Movement and Italia Nostra, The United Group of Italian Forests and the League for the Protection of Birds, and a bunch of other Organizations environmentalists. Strongly calling for the elimination of the huge yet nefarious European incentives, as the frenzied rush to burn forests to produce energy is anything but a renewable, sustainable practice and compatible. But it represents, rather, insane speculation for private profit, incompatible with the goal of protecting the ecological, hydrogeological, climatic, and landscape balance for the common good.


Meanwhile from the center of Rome, on Friday, May 27, a group of qualified Experts and Representativesof the institutions unanimously launched a question: but do we want to consider the Tree an enemyand thus continue against him an all-out war, or rather recognize that he is a True friend, to be loved and protected with care? And the many indisputable benefits that trees, boulevards, parks and gardens, in short urban and peri-urban greenery, bestow not only to the environment and beauty, nature and biodiversity, clean air and oxygen, coolness and to the shade, meaning and value of places: but also to health, well-being and quality of life.

Finally, a successful broadcast of “TG3 Fuori TG,” on Monday, May 16, had already documented a series of very serious attacks on the planet’s mantle, perpetrated even in the heart of National Parks, just where Nature should enjoy the strictest protection. But in the case of the Pine Forest of Villetta Barrea, where as many as 3,000 Black Pines had been wickedly condemned to be cut down with European funds, the first to rise up in outrage were the local residents themselves-a fact, which bodes well for the future.

There are therefore more than justified reasons for the civil and motivated protest of active citizenship to finally take the field with the method of Ecotactics, which we summarize here. To crumble the prevailing false doctrines, nurtured by Ecological Illiteracy, to dismantle businessism and the corruption that now dominates in decadent societies, and to stop the mad rush as soon as possible. to self-destruction, the consequences of which we are already suffering.


Observe and document cutting, pruning, clearing, degrading interventions, planting, and abuse. Inquire about
Who decided and on whom the intervention is being carried out, and in what manner. Ask how it will be used and where it will go to
finish all the material obtained, carefully noting down every detail.

Writing to the media, expressing strong opposition and indignation, with numerous signatures of citizens,
Telling and photographing the documented facts, and exposing the deceptions, pretexts, and falsehoods (really sick and dangerous trees?)which are often exploited to justify certain interventions.

Send exposures-complaints to the relevant authorities, the Judiciary and institutions, asking to meet with thosepolitically, bureaucraticly and technical responsible to make the weight of dissent felt, refute any fandom, explain the value of Trees and the Green, and thus dismantle irregular practices.

Organize peaceful protest groups, displaying pictures, posters and banners, spreading eloquent stickers effective vignettes and hard-hitting commercials, so as to increasingly engage a wide audience, and in the most scandalous casesinform all national and international media.

Promote Green Volunteerism of Schools, Teachers, Youth and Senior Citizens to create competent local groups,well trained and committed to observation and assistance in urban parks, boulevards and public gardensvaluable to cooperate in the assiduous and responsible care of the Green.

Roma, 29 Maggio 2022
Franco Tassi Margherita Martinelli

Centro Parchi Internazionale – Gruppo Alberi Sacri