Bach Flowers – A Book that comes from Practical Experience. Sergio Abram

Bach Flowers – A Book that comes from Practical Experience.

Interview with Sergio Abram

Sergio Abram, researcher of vast interests in the flora-fauna-environmental sector, professional photographer, he is the author of hundreds of articles and about fifty volumes of a naturalistic nature, he tells us for the first time how the idea of writing a book about flowers was born of Bach, how the passion for collecting, cataloging and studying flowers was born in him.

His interest in this discipline was born over twenty years ago, when Sergio Abram participates in a course of Naturopathy, which lasted 3 years, in which there was the subject of floriculture, with a study on flowers by Edward Bach. It was the material that interested him most, which led him to experiment with the use of these flowers on his own, going to personally look for the flowers after using those of the kit from which he had taken his first steps. After a long journey through seminars and conferences, Sergio Abram decides to go deeper into the sources, starting with Edward Bach up to his disciples around the world.

His in-depth journey lasted 5 years, coming to the conclusion that it is not so essential to know all the flowers, but it is important to be able to handle and master what surrounds us. Abram’s approach is always aimed at practicality and pragmatism: in the transition from student and teacher, he always tries to convey to those who are passionate about remedies, how to find flowers apart from their place of belonging, to learn to recognize them, to distinguish them, to make the best use of them for the specific characteristics of each flower and each place.

As a corollary of this path, Sergio Abram has decided to collect everything in a book dedicated to Bach Flowers, cataloging each flower, mentioning the original name and the one in the most well-known languages, collecting very significant images and outlining the main characteristics and most suitable uses. Particular attention is paid to the natural habitat of the flower and the conditions of use.

Once the flower has been analyzed, we move on to the section on specific observations dedicated to each individual flower, on which parts are used, on how they are prepared, the harvesting period, which method is used to make the dye.

Searching for the words of Edward Bach, then integrating with his own considerations on the harmonic and disharmonious states of each single flower, some curiosities emerged that over time had not been properly investigated: if for some flowers there had been confusion in the translation into various languages of certain flowers, Abram tells us about the particular case of the English Elm, to which this video is dedicated. His painstaking research has shown that there is no need to go to England to find a flower that is much closer than you think, as it is commonly found in our countryside.

In the third video that completes the series, Sergio Abram tells how important it is to be well focused when preparing and using Bach flowers: “thought creates”, believing in what you are doing is the first , fundamental, step to be able to obtain what one would like, but absolute concentration is necessary in every single step, dedicating oneself 100% to the flower, which represents that particular moment we are experiencing. “They are the flowers of the soul”, in this beautiful passage Abram tells the strength of the soul of each of us, of how this sometimes goes in contrast with the mind, rational thought, which takes us away from what Nature he would like to tell us, where he would like to take us from. When we realize this and truly learn to follow the soul, to listen to it deeply, there is no better guide for our existence.

The book then includes the Cards of Flowers, which are illustrated cards that can be followed to create various games, both in solitude and in company, through the reading of flowers and poems, collected from the full-bodied archive of Sergio Abram, with whom the author tells the profound meaning that each flower has for him and in his life.

At this point all that remains is to take a look at the book, available in the Stella Mattutina Edizioni catalog

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