Spiritual Teachings

The Teachings of the great Masters who have always guided Humanity toward Universal Brotherhood.


Gnosis that enables one to know oneself and the Laws that govern the entire Cosmos

Holistic sciences

The new Spiritualist Paradigm that is transforming all Sciences.

Series dedicated to Spirituality and Esotericism

Lights from the East series

Dedicated to the Teachings of great spiritual Masters.

Know Yourself

Dedicated to esoteric and energetic topics.

Visions Necklace

A spiritual and energetic perspective on places, people and historical events.

Athena Universitaria Collection

Scientific and academic texts with a holistic perspective.

High Ideal Collection

Dedicated to literature of esoteric and spiritual character


The Scientific Review of Omraam ETS Foundation.

“Spirituality and Esotericism” is the main theme that the books of Morning Star Editions deal with.

The spiritual approach to existence, the practice of the Teachings given by great Masters of Light is the key to the renewal of human existence both on a personal and collective level.

In the series devoted to Spirituality we cover the Teachings of Peter Deunov, Omraam Mikahel Aivanhov and Anandamayii Ma, three of the most distinguished Masters of the 20th Century.

Topics such asEvolutionary Astrology, Tarot, Bach Flowers, etc. are covered in the Esotericism series.

The series dedicated to Holistic Science offers texts and essays that present a scientific approach and illustrate how the new Spiritualist Paradigm can be integrated into all fields of human Knowledge.

The Visions series deals with places, people and historical events from an energetic and spiritual perspective; the authors of this series are Marko Pogacnik and Harrie Salman.

In this section we have also placed the series dedicated to Fiction, as the novels we publish all have a spiritual value, and the Misli Magazine of the Omraam Ets Foundation Study Center.

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