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Peter Deunov

Peter Konstantinov Deunov (in Bulgarian Петър Константинов Дънов, scientific transliteration Petăr Konstantinov Dănov,) known more simply as Peter Deunov is a Bulgarian philosopher and spiritual master . His initiatory name is Beinsa Duno, and this is how his disciples called him.

Biography of Peter Deunov

peter deunov called beinsa douno, master of the universal white brotherhoodPeter Deunov was born on 11 July 1864, around noon, in the village Hadarcia (at the time part of the Ottoman Empire, today Nikolaevka, 30 kilometers from the Bulgarian city Varna). He is the third son of Dobra Atanassova of the Orthodox pope Konstantin Deunovski, and he too was destined to be part of the clergy.

In 1872 he enrolled in the Bulgarian primary school in the village of Haradcia, which was closed during the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation (1877-1887). After the liberation of Bulgaria, he finished his higher education at the five-year boys’ school in Varna. While attending the Varna gymnasium, thanks to his sister’s family, he became acquainted with Methodism and decided to become a Methodist preacher.

American Methodist preachers had come to Bulgaria in 1857 as part of a Protestant campaign to reform and revitalize the Orthodox Church. The Protestant missionary societies had already organized the translation of the Bible into the modern Bulgarian language. In 1884 Deunov became a student of the American Scientific Theological School of Svishtov, where he was educated as a preacher. Three years later, in the fall of 1887, he became a teacher at a Methodist elementary school and a preacher in the small local Methodist community.

A year later he was sent to the United States, to Drew Seminary in New Jersey, to become a Methodist minister. In 1892 he enrolled in the Boston Methodist University School of Theology for one year. During the year he devoted himself to medical studies and later to pastoral work in a Methodist congregation. He returned to Bulgaria in 1895. In these seven years in America he had become familiar with new spiritual currents, such as transcendentalism, utopian socialism and theosophy, but also with the roots of John Wesley’s Methodism. He had to be aware that Wesley’s “methods” for developing Christian perfection were profoundly influenced by his encounter with members of the Moravian Church, an offshoot of the Hussite movement (a Christian movement that followed the teachings of the late 14th-century Czech reformer century, John Hus).

In 1895 Peter Deunov he returned to Bulgaria and spent the years until 1899 in solitude and work, intense and profound. He settles in Varna and gives up the jobs of Methodist preacher and Theosophist that are offered to him. In the autumn of 1896 he wrote the book “Nauka i vazpitanie” (“Science and education”) in which he analyzes the life of man in the drama of the world and talks about the foundations of the new culture that will come in the following century. Back in Bulgaria, Deunov was invited to become a pastor in Methodist congregations and to lecture for the Theosophical Society, but he refused. He only wanted to work as a shepherd if he wasn’t paying. The structures of the Methodist Church were apparently too tight for him to work on reforming the Bulgarian spiritual life.

In the first years after his return from America, Deunov’s existential purpose took a profound turn. New spiritual experiences prepare him for what he calls “the beginning of God’s Mission”. His talks, articles, and notes clearly demonstrate that he had experiences of encounters with spiritual beings and with Christ at that time. These meetings were part of his personal initiation. Later, he told a follower: “I was inspired and this happened on March 7, 1897. Then I received a mission from Heaven, it was revealed to me that I am a Master for all humanity. The mission assigned to me is related to the new. journey of the Slavs and the advent of the sixth race “. This inspiration of the Spirit of God has deepened over the years. On that day, Il March 7, 1897 , at the age of thirty-three, Peter Deunov receives his own spiritual name, Beinsa Duno,

In 1897 Deunov founded the Society for the elevation of the religious spirit of the Bulgarian people , which later developed into the Divine Love Chain . Those who wanted to become members of the Chain they were to sign the Ten Witnesses of the Spirit, which were revealed to Deunov on February 14, 1899. Two weeks later the Protestant Penyu Kirov and the Orthodox Todor Stoimenov signed them. Shortly thereafter, the Catholic Georgi Mirkovich followed. The fact that Deunov’s early pupils came from three different Christian churches shows that his spiritual approach had a broad appeal and was no longer tied to a particular church. In July 1900 the first annual meeting of the Chain , which consisted of Deunov and these first three disciples. In 1920 the Divine Love Chain will take the name of Universal White Brotherhood.

From 1900 to 1942 organizes, in August, annual councils of the White Brotherhood , in several places. In 1904 he moved to Sofia. Start giving public preaching in the form of lectures.

The May 4, 1936 a Democratic Party activist attacks him, beating him hard, causing a brain hemorrhage and paralysis. Despite the disease, the July 14, 1936 he goes, with his followers, to the Seven Rila Lakes and, on August 12, completely restores his health.

Leave his physical body on December 27, 1944 , the day before the Communist militia arrived to arrest him.

Peter Deunov he was a doctor, philosopher, musician and clairvoyant. In the 1940s, his Brotherhood had more than 40,000 disciples in Bulgaria alone.

peter deunov created Paneurhythmy

He was a master of great charisma, recognized as such by many of his contemporaries. Numerous miracles and wonders are attributed to him. He created hundreds of musical compositions, songs and sacred music; introduced the Paneurhythm , or “the Supreme Cosmic Rhythm”, a sacred dance, and taught gymnastic exercises, as well as many other methods, formulas and prayers for the Spiritual development of Man and of human societies.
Its basic precepts were: Love that brings Life, Wisdom that gives Light, Truth that gives Freedom.

Beginning in 1900, Peter Deunov began to give lectures in towns and villages throughout Bulgaria, proposing a new vision of Christianity through the Principles of the Science of the Spirit. Alwaysin 1900 he founded the Universal White Brotherhood and he begins to organize meetings and reunions in order to pass on his teaching and allow the numerous adherents to practice the innumerable exercises that Deunov had created. His new vision of Christianity attracted a lot of criticism and so much so that he was accused of heresy and exiled, from 1907 to 1919, in Varna, on the Black Sea. It was during this period, in 1917, that Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov met Peter Deunov.

The Teaching of Peter Deunov

He was a master of great charisma, recognized as such by many of his contemporaries. Numerous miracles and wonders are attributed to him. Its basic precepts were: Love that brings Life, Wisdom that gives Light, Truth that gives Freedom.

peter deunov called beinsa douno created the sacred songs and the paneurhythm

Peter Deunov composed hundreds of melodies, songs and sacred music , created the Paneurhythm (“The Supreme Cosmic Rhythm”), a sacred dance and hundreds of gymnastic exercises for the psychophysical and spiritual well-being of man, as well as all the other basic methods and exercises of the Universal White Brotherhood.

Of his teaching Deunov will say “ concerning the Teaching that I transmit, do not say that it was invented by any Deunov, but say that it is the Teaching of the Brotherhood of Light “. The Universal White Brotherhood is the union of all spirits who live in goodness, wisdom, love, truth in the service of God. Its seat is not somewhere on earth with a certain people but everywhere where souls feel they belong to this immense divine and human family (Life of a Western Master)

The Universal White Brotherhood founded by Peter Deunov is inspired by the Brotherhood made up of the Great Spiritual Masters of all times and all ages. All these Masters have the purpose of making Humanity evolve, towards a spiritual and material well-being that integrates all living beings, including Nature. Among them we remember: Anghiras, Vyasa, Rama, Krishna, Hermes Trismegistus, Mosé, Zarathustra, Lao-tse, Buddha, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Plato, Jesus of Nazareth, St. Francis of Assisi … These Masters have handed down the Initiatory Science – unchanged in the essential Principles and Truths but adapted to the populations and to the time in which these elevated Souls have operated – and manifested in the most understandable and useful forms for the spiritual evolution of humanity.

The teaching of Peter Deunov, as well as that of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov therefore does not propose new principles but new methods: it transmits, with a clear and precise language, the methods for facing the problems encountered on the path of spiritual perfection.

The Universal White Brotherhood in its broadest sense and therefore the ensemble of all beings of good will who have worked and work for the realization of the “Kingdom of God and His Justice on earth”. The Kingdom of God is not a material but a spiritual realization, it is a state of consciousness that, to the extent that it spreads in humanity, will bring benefits in all fields of existence: social, economic and political.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, the best known disciple of Peter Deunov

Peter Deunov’s Work was continued by his disciple Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov , who in turn became a spiritual Master. Deuonv sent him to France in 1937, and the Teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood was spread throughout the world through Aivanhov.

Stella Mattutina Edizioni has paid particular attention to the books of Peter Deunov for the depth of his teaching, which is profound and mystical

Books by Peter Deunov

We have seen that Peter Deunov was a great Initiate with clairvoyance skills. His physical presence immediately transformed the energetic quality of the place where he was. The experience that his disciples lived with him is indescribable, but his disciple Milka has left us an important testimony. with his book “The Master Peter Deunov in the memories of the disciple Milka Periklieva”.

Deep and touching, simple and extraordinary, these memories will allow you to discover what it means to live in the “presence” of a true spiritual Master.

The books of Peter Deunov or beinsa Douno, books of spirituality and esotericism

«Over a hundred years ago a divine Messenger, a Master, descended on Earth to show us the path that leads to Eternal Life. He revealed to us the power of the Laws of Nature and taught us the methods of applying divine Love, Wisdom and Truth.

He planted a seed: the idea of brotherhood among peoples.

The Master lived among us […], modestly, in a peaceful and silent way, like the Sun that floods the Earth with its rays that bring life, like the mountain spring that lets its crystalline water flow and the morning dew that refreshes every flower and every blade of grass, without choosing or preferring any.

He spoke quietly and calmly. He spoke directly to the soul. He welcomed, like a father, all those who came to him with their hearts in their hands. His presence radiated peace, his advice dried tears and strengthened the weak. He treated diseases prodigiously ».

Peter Deunov’s words are profound and enlightening, so we have compiled a collection of his Words of Light, a mystical book to read and meditate on.

The Books of Peter Deunov or Beinsa Duno, spirituality and esotericism

Infused with love and wisdom, the Word of a spiritual Master always gives a profound well-being to those who receive it, since its essence is filled with that harmony that supports, guides and offers answers.

Words of Light is a collection of Peter Deunov’s thoughts and teachings that nourish and inspire the human soul, elevating it to a world of perfection and beauty.

The human beings
that had to go through
through trials and afflictions,
they show much more beauty in their faces
compared to those who have not experienced it.
The face of the former is full of sweetness.

Peter Deunov

Breathing in the teaching of Peter DeunovWhat happens when we breathe consciously and consider the air from a spiritual point of view?

Air is life and is impregnated with Cosmic Energies: with a conscious breath it is possible to promote physical, emotional and mental healing, and to receive psychic and spiritual nourishment.

In this book Peter Deunov reveals the secrets of deep breathing, offering multiple information on the physiological, energetic and spiritual level, and suggesting a series of simple and effective breathing exercises.

Through this text a luminous path of regeneration and renewal opens up to human consciousness.

You cannot change your thoughts unless you change your breathing, and vice versa. With deep breathing you enable your brain to think right, your heart to hear right, your stomach to work normally.

Peter Deunov

They said about Peter Deunov

According to Pavel Birukov, biographer of Lev Tolstoy, before his death (1910) the great Russian thinker and writer abandoned Iasna Poliana with the desire to leave for Bulgaria to meet Peter Deunov.

Pope John XXIII, when he was still Cardinal Giuseppe Roncalli, met Deunov as the Vatican ambassador to Bulgaria, before the Second World War, and said of him: “ In the contemporary era, the greatest living philosopher on Earth is Peter Deunov “ .

In relation to the death of Albert Einstein, the French National Radio broadcast a program with some of his interventions; in one of these the great scientist says: “ The whole world bows before me, but I bow before Master Peter Deunov of Bulgaria “.

According to the memoirs of Boyan Boev – secretary and disciple of Peter Deunov – in a discussion with him in Munich, in 1910, Rudolf Steiner tells him: “A great mission is destined for the Slavic world. It, and Bulgaria in particular, will contribute a lot to the spiritual uplift of humanity. You go back to Bulgaria, there is a powerful movement at the head of which there is a great spiritual enlightenment “.

Jiddu Krishnamurti, the leader of the Theosophical Movement, rejects the idea of being declared Maitreya and Christ, and says before those present at the Theosophical World Congress in Holland that the Master of the world is in Bulgaria.

Onisaburo Deguchi, the leader of the Japanese spiritual movement Oomoto, says: “ I am a sage, the Master is in Bulgaria “.

Everything exists through Love. Whoever knows Love speaks of the greatness of God. ” (Peter Deunov)

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