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Partners & Collaborations

Stella Mattutina Edizioni is not just a publishing house, in fact in recent years we have supported and collaborated with various realities for the development of ideas, projects and events.

Sardex Commercial Credit Circuit

We are the first company in the whole Tuscany region to have joined the Sardex Circuit.

You can buy all our products in Sardex. is an integrated platform designed to facilitate relations between economic subjects operating in a given territory, and to provide them with parallel and complementary payment and credit instruments

Stella Mattutina Edizioni data for the Sardex Circuit
ID: 40598494
Username: stellamatt.edizioni

International Harp Contest Suoni d'Arpa

Stella Mattutina Edizioni is one of the Partners of International Harp Contest in Italy “Suoni d’Arpa”

Stella Mattutina Edizioni publishes the scores for the compulsory pieces of this important Harp accord, also offering a prize for the winners of some categories.

Universe Fantasy Association


Fantasy Universe is a socially inspired association that uses the fantasy and science fiction genre as a socio-educational tool. It also helps writers and artists who wish to try their hand at writing or creating fantasy works.


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