Protection and Guardianship

The Earth is our Common Home that we must protect and preserve!

Animals and Plants

Getting to know the wonderful creatures of Mother Earth

Eco-conscious farming

Learning to co-create with Nature

“Nature and Ecology” is one of the cornerstone themes of Morning Star Editions.

We believe that only by radically changing the paradigm of our relationship with Nature can we hope for a dignified and harmonious future for humankind.

The main Authors of this series are Franco Tassi, Sergio Abram and Dario Boldrini, all of whom are committed to the popularization of a new vision of the Man-Nature relationship, in which human beings place themselves at the service of Mother Earth and become its vigilant and conscious guardians.

Series dedicated to Nature and Ecology

Mother Earth

La Collana Madre Terra è dedicata alla Natura, agli Animali, alle Piante e all’Ecologia.

Frontier Ecology Series

La Collana Ecologia di Frontiera offre risposte concrete alle problematiche ambientali che l’Umanità sta vivendo in questo periodo storico.

Agriculture of the gods

The Collana Agricoltura degli Déi teaches the practices of eco-conscious farming.

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