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Mysterious Lynx – Franco Tassi


The Mysterious Lynx has been at the center of the most striking and complex case of Italian cryptozoology for decades, and for decades on its trail the Author guides us in what, more than a scientific research, is reminiscent of a thriller with an intriguing and compelling plot.

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Mysterious Lynx

Fascinating like few animals in the world, the Mysterious Lynx has been at the center of the most striking and complex case of Italian cryptozoology for decades.
Documents and data collected by the author demonstrate with certainty its historical presence, since the beginning of the 19th century.
During the twentieth century, escaping the research of the most famous Italian academics, it vanishes, according to official science, from the fauna of Southern Italy. An unprecedented omission, which highlights the limitations and narrowness of academic research.
Stories, testimonies, reports, indices of presence and mysterious photos, will reveal instead that he, the mythical Leopard, is more than ever present throughout the Apennine Arc.
The author guides us in what, more than a scientific research, recalls a detective story with an intriguing and compelling plot.

Franco Tassi

he worked for 33 years on the “Front of Nature” as Superintendent Director of the oldest, most important and famous protected area in Italy: the Abruzzo National Park. In this park, besieged by all kinds of threats, it has expanded the protection of the territory, extending its extension from 30 thousand to 50 thousand hectares, with a contiguous Protection Band of 120 thousand hectares and applying Zoning for the first time. It has stopped building speculation and strictly regulated forest cuts. Operation Big Tree launched, saving over 10 million large trees from felling. Promoted advanced ecotourism, with full respect for local customs and traditions. It has also created numerous Visitor Centers and Wildlife Areas, promoting youth employment and volunteering from all backgrounds; has organized events of international importance.

In the field of fauna protection, he saved the Marsicano bear, the Apennine wolf from extinction (told in this work Lupus in Fabula ). It has also saved the Abruzzo chamois, successfully reintroducing it also in the Maiella and Gran Sasso National Parks and reconstituting the presence of deer and roe deer, favoring its spread in the Apennines. He discovered the existence of the mysterious Apennine Lynx and encouraged in every way, in Italy and abroad, the true Conservation of Nature. With a clear direction towards this “mission”, and through innovative strategies, he has transformed the Park into a precious “pilot example”. The true reference model that has made possible the growth of parks in every part of Italy. Realizing, according to international observers, “the impossible mission. That of ensuring the best conservation of the ecosystem, also promoting, at the same time, the well-being of local communities ”.
REVIEW BY Ignazio Lippolis

A small booklet of 95 pages but with a considerable weight as only the great experts and researchers can do. This is the case of “Misteriosa Lince” by Franco Tassi, published by Stella Mattutina Edizioni. The story of this feline, one of the most elusive in the animal world, is as captivating as a thriller and can very well be taken as a model to explain Italy and who manages the Italy of research.

One of Karl Popper’s maxims, Tassi recalls, is that “research never ends.” But for those who make research a matter of personal power this is not true. When the history of scientific research in Italy is written one day, the discoveries will be loved because they will quantify the delays and damage that these situations have caused. When it is said that mediocrities rule in Italy and power is in their hands, when it is said that ignorance and false news are rampant, one must not look down but up.

Franco Tassi may well be considered a research fighter. And when, as always happens in the Bel Paese, you don’t have the strength to refute a thesis, you pass into discredit. This book by Franco Tassi may very well be a sum of all this. A life dedicated to Nature, to save and protect Nature, to discover and describe it, an infinite series of acts, management of public affairs, books and articles… but always under observation, always having to demonstrate and defend against Kafkaesque accusations.

This book tells everything, from research to historical data that are perhaps a unique wealth of documents and references … It tells through ancient texts the stages of research that stopped at the beginning of the nineteenth century when official science decreed the extinction of this feline. Speech closed and never resumed even in the presence of reports, traces, stories, evidence. And even when Baccio Baccetti’s weight specialists, Danilo Mainardi, Giuseppe Montalenti did not discourage Tassi’s work, nothing moved.

Thus, on the one hand jobs and studies grew, on the other the denigration, in the best style of the worst Italy. It was therefore easy to relegate this feline to myth, fantasy and legend because it is more convenient to “govern” one’s shortcomings in this way.

An already tested modus operandi that relegates those who are not aligned among the visionaries if not among the mad. But Italy is relegating instead to the countries in decline, first culturally and then also economically. A book to read that makes you think.



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