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Animali Misteriosi – Franco Tassi


Title | Animali Misteriosi
Author | Franco Tassi
ISBN | 9788899462598
Pages | 168
The Most Complete Book on Cryptozoology!


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The most complete book on Mysterious Animals

Title | Animali Misteriosi
Author | Franco Tassi
ISBN | 9788899462598
Pages | 168

Synopsis of the book Mysterious Animals

An exciting journey between reality and mystery, in search of legendary animals, such as the Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti, the Mokele-Mbembe, the Giant Octopus, the Bigfoot … but also to discover animals considered “impossible” like the ‘Okapi, the Giant Squid, the Regaleco, the Megamouth, the Lynx …
The greatest zoological enigmas revealed by Cryptozoology – the Science that studies hidden Animals – like many other cases of Mysterious Animals, are told by Franco Tassi with passion, in a thorough, simple way, with numerous documents and color images.

An investigative approach, which escapes the dogmas and prejudices of official science, allows us to make this journey to the borders of what is known, where mystery and fantasy often become reality.

Numerous boxes allow the deepening of issues strictly connected to Cryptozoology, as well as its main branches such as: Cryptobotany, Cryptoentomology, Cryptopaleontology and so on.

With the patronage of Cryptozoology Group Italy

For further information on hidden animals and cryptozoological mysteries you can download for only € 3.5, 4 in-depth documents from the bookAnimali Misteriosi of Franco Tassi

Rivista sulla Criptozoologia 1 – Oltre i confini della Zoologia

Rivista sulla Criptozoologia 2 – Animali Nascosti

Rivista sulla Criptozoologia 3 – Misteri Zoologici

Rivista sulla Criptozoologia 4 – Sulla pista degli animali misteriosi

Mostra sulla Criptozoologia

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The author

Franco Tassi is a living legend of the Italian environmental movement. Passionate about investigative research on mysterious, enigmatic, controversial and unknown animals, he has numerous important discoveries to his credit, from those made in the Microcosm (such as the violet scarab), passing through the Great Mammals (the Apennine Lynx), up to the Megacosm (the Giant Octopus).

Other books by Franco Tassi

Lupus in Fabula

Lupus in Fabula is the story of the long march of the Apennine wolf which, on the verge of extinction in the 1970s, was saved thanks to the Operation San Francesco, conceived by the historical director of the Abruzzo National Park, Franco Tassi.

Alberi Sacri

The great green Patriarchs are the guardians of our history and our culture, they contain the secrets of Nature. With the Great Tree Operation, hundreds of these tree giants throughout the beautiful country were saved from felling starting from the 1970s. Franco Tassi, creator of this ecosociological campaign, tells the secrets of this success.

Misteriosa Lince

Fascinating and mysterious, the Lynx has been at the center of the most striking and complex case of Italian cryptozoology for decades. Documents and data collected by Franco Tassi demonstrate with certainty its historical presence, since the beginning of the 19th century.

Alla Scoperta dei Patriarchi Arborei

Margherita Tassi narrates, with great simplicity and naturalness, her encounters with the Arboreal Patriarchs from all over the world. Short texts in which botanical information, curiosity and emotions intertwine, words that have the sweet taste of ancient tales. On the other hand, Franco Tassi’s story “The Roots of the Patriarchs”, which in the 1970s became an ecological manifesto in defense of Forests and Trees. A touching story in which, for once, the human heart prevails over the mere economic interest.


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