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The music composed by Daniele Garella is a balm for the soul, as well as his writings which help the reader to know each other and to make an inner journey of beauty, harmony, awareness.

Daniele Garella’s music is harmonic, consonant, regenerating and also has the aim of preparing the arrival of a new humanity, fraternal, luminous, free, inspired, non-violent. Its music calms and leads the listener to bright and positive worlds, inspires and encourages and is composed using only the instruments of the classical orchestra, in particular the harp, piano, flute and soprano voice. Each record by Daniele Garella has a specific energetic quality: to meditate, to relax, to regenerate, to get inspired … Daniele Garella’s music is constantly present in maternity centers, in Yoga centers, in art therapy, and wherever there is awareness of how much Music produces vibrations of well-being for the human being.

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