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Master Peter Deunov in the memories of the disciple Milka Periklieva


Author | Milka Periklieva
Pages | 88
In this text Milka Periklieva tells of her life and in particular her experiences as a disciple of Master Peter Deunov, a touching and enlightening book.


Master Peter Deunov

Master Peter Deunov in the memories of the disciple Milka Periklieva is a work of great value, unique of its kind.

Written with great simplicity and clarity, Memories of Milka Periklieva surprisingly reveal who he was Peter Deunov . Through direct life experiences, the Author allows us to discover how lovingly and attentively the Master guided his disciples. I gave them precise guidance, valuable advice and practical methods to transform life’s difficulties into moments of growth.

In this way it favored a spiritual vision of existence, for a harmonious development of the soul, mind, heart and body.

«Over a hundred years ago a divine Messenger, a Master, descended on Earth to show us the path that leads to Eternal Life. He revealed to us the power of the Laws of Nature and taught us the methods of applying divine Love, Wisdom and Truth.
He planted a seed: the idea of brotherhood among peoples.

The Master lived among us […], modestly, in a peaceful and silent way, like the Sun that floods the Earth with its rays that bring life, like the mountain spring that lets its crystalline water flow and the morning dew that refreshes every flower and every blade of grass, without choosing or preferring any.
He spoke quietly and calmly. He spoke directly to the soul. He welcomed, like a father, all those who came to him with their hearts in their hands. His presence radiated peace, his advice dried tears and strengthened the weak. He treated diseases prodigiously ». ( Peter Deunov in the memories of the disciple Milka Periklieva )

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