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Lupus in Fabula – Franco Tassi

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The story of how the wolf was saved in Italy, told by Franco Tassi.

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The rescue of the Wolf thanks to Operation San Francesco

Lupus in Fabula is the story of the Long March of the Apennine Wolf which, on the verge of extinction in the 1970s, was saved thanks to the Operation San Francesco. This integrated socio-ecological campaign was conceived by the historical director of the Abruzzo National Park, Franco Tassi. In this work the author narrates, retracing the main stages, the compelling story of one of the most controversial symbols of wild nature – the Wolf – revealing truths that are often unspoken, and opening new horizons to the Ecology of the Frontier. That discipline which, overcoming barriers and prejudices, aims to re-establish a balanced relationship between Man and Nature.

In the opera Lupus in Fabula then there is also a collection of a rich collection of aphorisms, quotes, proverbs and sayings that have the Wolf as the protagonist.

Franco Tassi, professor of ecology, scholar, researcher, naturalist-manager and journalist-writer, is an environmentalist known in Italy and abroad for his historic battles in defense of Nature. He is currently in charge of the International Parks Center – coordinating body of many active groups following the National Parks Committee, winner of the epic “10% challenge” to protect at least one tenth of the “Bel Paese” -, and of the Apennine Ecological Studies Center, which was the first to promote modern research on “large fauna”, and launched the Biodiversity Project.

Franco Tassi

he worked for 33 years on the “Front of Nature” as Superintendent Director of the oldest, most important and famous protected area in Italy: the Abruzzo National Park. In this park, besieged by all kinds of threats, it has expanded the protection of the territory. It has extended its extension from 30 thousand to 50 thousand hectares, with a contiguous Protection Band of 120 thousand hectares. He applied Zoning for the first time. It has stopped building speculation and strictly regulated forest cuts. He launched Operation Big Tree, saving over 10 million large trees from felling. It has promoted an advanced ecotourism, in full respect of local customs and traditions. It has also created numerous Visitor Centers and Wildlife Areas, promoting youth employment and volunteering from all backgrounds; has organized events of international importance.

In the field of fauna protection, he saved the Marsicano bear, the Apennine wolf from extinction (told in this work Lupus in Fabula ). He also saved the Abruzzo chamois, successfully reintroducing it in the Maiella and Gran Sasso National Parks. It has reconstituted the presence of the deer and roe deer, favoring their diffusion in the Apennines. He discovered the existence of the mysterious Apennine Lynx. He has encouraged in every way, in Italy and abroad, the true Conservation of Nature. With a clear direction towards this “mission”, and through innovative strategies, he has transformed the Park into a precious “pilot example”. The true reference model that has made possible the growth of parks in every part of Italy. Realizing, according to international observers, “the impossible mission. That of ensuring the best conservation of the ecosystem, also promoting, at the same time, the well-being of local communities ”.

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1 review for Lupus in Fabula – Franco Tassi

  1. Italian


    Brevi e splendide pennellate, danno una chiara visione dell’impervio percorso che ha permesso di salvaguardare il Lupo Appenninico in Abruzzo e…dintorni. Per grandi e piccini. Naturalisti in erba si innamorano. Consigliatissimo.

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