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Stella Mattutina Edizioni Books for inner well-being, spirituality and esotericism

StellaMattutina Edition publishes Books for Inner Peace, through different shades from Spirituality to Esotericism, from Ecology to Music.

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New Books
by Stella Mattutina Edizioni

La Scuola dell'Arpa di Nikolai parfenov

Cover Daniele Garella e Djiby Kouyate

Anandamayi Ma

Cover of the book mysterious animals, by franco rates, cryptozoology

Adventure Park of franco rates and francesco mossolin national park of abruzzo

Breathing in the teaching of Peter Deunov

A Book, a good Book,
can change your life

All the Books that we have decided to publish have this strength, a power to transform the reader profoundly, because the Books of Stella Mattutina Edizioni are Books for inner and spiritual peace.

If you are wondering what “Inner and spiritual peace” means, it’s very simple, it means that our books are capable of giving answers to the deepest questions that live in the heart or mind of each of us . Who we are? What is the human being? What is the meaning of our existence? How to find Love and Happiness? What to do to be in harmony with our Mother Earth? and many, many other questions.

morning star books editions

Inner Peace

The Inner Peace can come from good literature , from a Spiritual novel , but above all it is the result of a path, sustained or by a Teacher that helps us discover who we are. Inner Peace also develops through the knowledge and contact with ours Mother Earth and its creatures, and again from Music…, in particular we have chosen to publish Sheet music for Harp , a magical instrument that has great healing power on the listener.

insegnamento spirituale

Are you looking for a spiritual Teaching?

Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov they spent they whole lives on the Teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood . A complete, profound, accessible to all teaching, which allows you to know yourself, perfect yourself and positively transform all aspects of your existence. The Teaching of Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov aim to work towards that humanity becomes a true Brotherhood .

Discover our series dedicated to Spirituality with Books by Peter Deunov and Books by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov .

Do you want to explore Esotericism in an evolutionary key?

 Esoteric sciences have as their goal to deeply discover Cosmos, Nature, Laws of Creation , but above all of the human Being. The four great esoteric sciences are the Astrology , L’ Alchemy , the Cabala and the Magic . These Sciences were transmitted during the Initiations to the Ancient “Mysteries”. Once accessible only to a select few, today this informations are open to all, but what we must remember is that this knowledge must be used only in a positive and evolutionary way, so that esotericism does not become occultism.

In this series we have also included the books that deal with Science that studies Nature from an energetic and spiritual point of view.

Stella Mattutina Edizioni’s books that deal with esotericism always have a spiritual imprint, aimed at the good and the evolution of the human Being.

Discover ours Books of Esotericism , which deal with Astrology , Rider-Waite Tarot and so on.

Do you want to know the most extraordinary Italian Ecological Battles?

The Italian ecological movement , for over thirty years, between 1969 and 2002 it was at the forefront of the world . The real leader of this movement is Franco Tassi , historical Director of the Abruzzo National Park .

Franco Tassi gave birth to dozens of ecological battles, thanks to which the Wolf Apennine , Marsicano Bear, Abruzzo’s Chamois,  Big Trees of Italy above all, thanks to which it has been possible to protect over 10% of the national territory.

We have told these battles in small books dedicated to Mother Earth and all her creatures.

Discover all the books dedicated to Mother Earth by Franco Tassi

Are you familiar with Frontier Ecology? When research reaches beyond the limits of official science…

Science feeds and lives on research, doubt, new discoveries. When science is no longer fueled by the desire to go beyond what is known, it becomes dogmatic and fossilizes on principles and concepts, transforming them into absolute truths.

The search never ends “ Paul Popper said, and our collection Frontier Ecology it is precisely this Science that seeks to go deeper and deeper into study and knowledge.

“Ecologia di Frontiera” series aims to open a window on the realities and events of the natural world that are often ignored or neglected, but no less interesting and significant. Hidden lives, repressed memories, intuitions, actions and conquests on the Front of Nature, which represent the immense world to be discovered, always capable of intriguing us, amazed us, excited and inspired.

Cryptozoology, for example, the science that studies hidden animals, is dealt with in depth in the book by Franco Tassi, Mysterious Animals .

Discover all the Books on Ecology by Franco Tassi .

Are you a harpist or a musician looking for inspiring and impressive Harp Sheets?

Arpeggiando is the first editorial series entirely dedicated to the Harp. Sheet music for Celtic harp, pedal harp, duo or trio of harps and also ensembles with other instruments.

Discover ours Arpeggiando collection


Words for the Soul, like the Morning Star, awaken new hopes in the human being, they help us to turn our gaze with confidence towards new horizons, towards new paths of spiritual growth and rebirth …

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The 10 Golden Rules for Future Parents

The Brochure “ Ten Golden Rules for Future Parents ” is downloadable for free in pdf version.

Stella Mattutina Edizioni collaborated with the University for Foreigners of Perugia in the context of the Erasmus + Project “Parenting Education and Awareness of Community to Enable Social Inclusion of Teens Exposed to the risk of becoming parents – Peace Site “(Strategic Partnership Project Nr: 2017-1-RO01-KA204-037448) for the translation and editing of the brochure”Ten Golden Rules for Future Parents

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