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High Ideal Collection

High Ideal Collection is dedicated to literature.

Stories , Novels , Poems which inspire, elevate, illuminate.

Adventures , Emotions e Transformations , are some of the keywords that deals with the High Ideal.

We have decided to publish a few, indeed very few books in the narrative section, for a very specific choice … Our novels are timeless, we are not interested in trendy novels, but deep stories that will always remain relevant over time.

Jordan Viach’s Secret Book , the first Italian novel on the Cathars , and is a therapeutic text , which tells of an extraordinary historical period, of which we know very little, as we know little of the Cathars, vegetarian Christians, non-violent, open to the female priesthood , exterminated by the church of Rome, in the Middle Ages.

Thormae 1 – The Song of the Sun it’s a Fantasy-Spiritual Novel , a perfectly successful experiment that integrates adventure, intrigue, fantasy, and epic typical of Fantasy Novels, with the depth and wisdom of spiritual texts , that gives you simple and essential answers to the doubts of our Soul. The adventure then becomes an inner journey to discover yourself .

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