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Global Citizenship and Fraternal Society


Title | Global Citizenship and Fraternal Society
Author | Bruno Enrico Giuliano Fuoco

Pages | 264

ISBN | 9788899462550


The idea of a “Global Citizenship” is undoubtedly the best proposal to face the challenges that contemporary society is facing at a global level.

Union and coexistence among peoples, based on mutual respect and on the principle of “fraternity” – according to which human beings are aware that they belong to a single family – represent the true foundation of an organization of peaceful life, where peoples, far from taking advantage of one another, cooperate with each other.

The “sense of belonging to the same community”, implicit in the idea of global citizenship, translates into a “sense of belonging to the same family” – the proprium of the “Fraternal Society” – in order to radically transform the egocentrisms of peoples and their guides.

To foster this “common feeling” – hoped for by millenary wisdom – it is essential to educate in this new culture of civil life. This essay, with a wealth of references, gives voice to this perspective, illustrating the civic attitudes that best express the idea of Global Citizenship, starting from a vision according to which the concept of fraternity is not so much the expression of a philanthropic sentiment, of a political ideology or a religious doctrine, but rather a universal philosophy of life, from which constructive, peaceful, loyal, cooperative and empathic civic attitudes emanate.

Bruno E. G. Fuoco (1959), after having graduated in Law at the University of Rome, completed his legal studies at the R. Descartes University in Paris. Author of various volumes and essays on legal matters, he also deals with public ethics and justice from a holistic perspective.


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