All Stella Mattutina Edizioni series

Series dedicated to Spirituality and Esotericism

Collana Luci dall’Est

Dedicated to the Teachings of great spiritual Masters.

Collana Conosci Te Stesso

Dedicated to esoteric and energetic topics.

Collana Visioni

A spiritual and energetic perspective on places, people and historical events.

Collana Athena Universitaria

Scientific and academic texts with a holistic perspective.

Collana Alto Ideale

Dedicated to literature of esoteric and spiritual character


The Scientific Review of Omraam ETS Foundation.

Series dedicated to Nature and Ecology

Madre Terra

Dedicated to Nature, Animals, Plants and Ecology.

Ecologia di Frontiera

Concrete answers to the environmental problems we are experiencing.

Agricultura degli Dei

All the methods and practices of eco-conscious farming.

Series dedicated to Music

Collana Arpeggiando

Scores and Manuals for all types of Harp

Apollo Collection

Spiritual music that regenerates and inspires

Music by Daniele Garella

Spiritual music for meditation

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