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Discovering the Arboreal Patriarchs – Margherita & Franco Tassi


Title | Discovering the Arboreal Patriarchs
Authors | Margherita & Franco Tassi
pages | 96

The “Verdi Incontri” by Margherita & Franco Tassi


Discovering the Arboreal Patriarchs of Margherita & Franco Tassi
Pages | 96

The meeting with an Arboreal Patriarch touches the soul of those who know how to observe him with the eyes of the heart: a large and old Tree is in fact the repository of knowledge, of culture, a small ecosystem rich in history and life.
Margherita Tassi narrates, with great simplicity and naturalness, her encounters with the Arboreal Patriarchs from all over the world. Short texts in which botanical information, curiosity and emotions intertwine, words that have the sweet taste of ancient tales.
On the other hand, Franco Tassi’s story “The Roots of the Patriarchs”, which in the 1970s became an ecological manifesto in defense of Forests and Trees. A touching story in which, for once, the human heart prevails over the mere economic interest.
“But for the maple of Monte Tranquillo the fate would have been different: when the ax was already affecting the centuries-old skin, the protest broke out right from the chest of the most humble and exploited, from those simple woodsmen who should have demolished it …
Perhaps, despite everything, there was still hope.
And the old mountaineer’s message, at least for that time, had not gone unheard ».
Franco Tassi


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