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true Happiness in Aivanhov’s Teaching

Libri di Aivanhov Laura Galgani’s from Misli IV – 2017 In the 21st century, talking and writing about happiness causes a certain uneasiness: it may be because this concept is now mostly relegated to the sphere of advertising, where it is used to make a product to be sold appealing; or because it is associated […]

Wounded Truth

Carlo Simon Belli’s editorial from Misli 2020 Magazine In the year that is drawing to a close, it is not possible to refrain from making a mention of the difficult health situation that the entire planet is going through, but since I do not have expertise in the medical field, I will limit myself to […]


The Hidden Truths About “Wolf Hunt” An article by Franco Tassi , author of Lupus in Fabula While the “macabre dance” that is leading to the disintegration of our National Parks rages relentlessly, now the attack on Nature hits its most authentic symbol, declaring war on the Wolf. The same Italy that, half a century […]


Spirituality has entered the wellness market and the industry succeeds so well in its attempt to confuse these two concepts that, in a few years, there will be many who will no longer be able to untangle them, in the same way in which they already cannot today. they are better able to distinguish a […]