About Us

Stella Mattutina Editions was born as Publishing House in March 2015 in the desire to contribute to the harmonious development of the human being. Carlo Belli, Daniele Garella, Francesco Mossolin are the founders.

Heart, Intellect, Soul, Spirit are the fundamental ingredients for us to grow path along the path of awareness. Stella Mattutina Editions it is therefore faithful to this ideal: to help the human being to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth, so that his Art and his “Wit” become bearers of reflection, knowledge, improvement.

La Stella Mattutina, which means “the Morning Star” – is none other than the planet Venus, the planet of Love, Inner Peace and Harmony – is the last star that we can see at dawn if we look to the East. The morning star announces a new dawn, a new day, with all its renewed hopes, its light triumphing once again over the darkness of the night. In the same way, the works of Stella Mattutina Edizioni wish to be bearers of a new Light, so that a new “Era”, a new Humanity are possible, a time of peace, harmony and brotherhood among peoples.

The fundamental themes dealing with the works of Stella Mattutina Edizioni therefore concern the human Being, his perfection, his inner evolution, his spiritual growth. In the different series themes concerning the esotericism, nature, music, and even narrative texts, are treated, always in this perspective.