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The publishing series Arpeggiando, unique of its kind, is entirely dedicated to the magical world of the Harp.

It consists mainly of music, manuals and texts that deal with this ancient and fascinating instrument.

The published scores are divided into four categories:

  • Solo Harp
  • Duo or Trio of Harps
  • Ensemble (where the Harp is accompanied by one or more instruments)
  • Celtic Harp

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Once again this year Stella Mattutina Edizioni will publish the scores of the mandatory pieces of the 7th International Harp Contest in Italy “Suoni d’Arpa”

Below you will find a section dedicated to the competition “Suoni d’Arpa”, with the possibility to buy the mandatory scores.

Publish with us: for those who wish to propose the publication of music scores or texts concerning the Harp, please contact the Director of the Arpeggiando publishing series, Daniele Garella: [email protected]

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Solo Harp


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Duo and Trio


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Celtic Harp


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All Scores of Arpaggiando


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All scores of Daniele Garella


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